Maria Marten or Murder in the Red Barn (1980)

Concept and creative process

‘Maria Marten' was a drama in three parts in the style of a Victorian melodrama 'Murder in the Red Barn'. The idea for using a marionette came from the Victorian melodrama itself, in which marionettes play a part in telling the story of poor Maria within various scenes, often replacing actors when the action was particularly gruesome. This dramatic device was also used in the title sequence to depict the murder of the victim Maria Marten. The marionettes used for the programme and the title sequence were made by a puppeteer from the Little Angel Puppet Theatre in Islington. The marionette of Maria for the title sequence was shot live action on 35mm film in slow motion.

Lighting Cameraman - Douglas Adamson, Stewart Hardy Films.

Film Editor - Rod Longhurst.

Music - Dudley Simpson.

Concept, live action direction and creative direction - Liz Friedman.

Winner of a Design & Art Direction Wood Pencil for Television Drama Titles 1981.

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Maria Marten storyboard and puppet