The Little Green Planet Show (1992)

Concept and creative process

Titles for ‘The Little Green Planet Show’, a series teaching children about science, in which four telenauts from planet Zeus visit Earth on a fact-finding mission. Their spaceship was a specially made scale model, shot in a number of takes on a model mover to record the motion on videotape in the BBC Harry Suite. The backgrounds were designed and composited on a Quantel Paintbox by Pete Wane and the final digital edit and layering of the rocket’s booster blast effect was created on Quantel Harry by Malcolm Dalton. The lettering of the main title caption was composited with a grass texture on Harry, as was the shattering of the logo, animated on black by Steve Woods. 

Model spaceship - BBC Visual Effects Department.

Lighting Cameraman - Malcolm Dalton.

Harry Edit - Malcolm Dalton.

Harry Editing Assistant - Maeve Stephens.

Designer/Director - Pete Wane.

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