The Late Show (1989)

Concept and creative process

‘The Late Show’ was an arts magazine programme that ran at 11.15 on weekday evenings from 1989 to 1995 in the so-called ‘graveyard slot’. It had its own dedicated design team consisting at various times of Steve Bonnett, Keith Haynes, Mina Martinez and Jane Fielder. The titles changed nightly and reflected the topic of the show. This specific title sequence was more generic in nature and could be re-used as required. The sequence depicted the eclectic ‘Late Show' content in a subliminal edit of colour and monochrome, positive and negative images, and ended with what became the show’s brand identity, the wolf howling at the moon. The wolf was originally shot live in studio against a backdrop photographic blow up of the moon, whereas the opening stills sequence was input from a video rostrum camera and edited and colour manipulated on a Quantel paintbox.