Jumping the Queue (1989)

Concept and creative process

Titles for the drama serial 'Jumping the Queue', based on the Mary Wesley novel which told the story of the desperation, guilt and attempted suicide by drowning of Matilda, a middle-aged widow. At the end, having ordered her affairs and found a new home for her pet goose, she finds herself left alone, with all of the skeletons in her cupboard and herself still intact. I filmed body shots of the lead actress Sheila Hancock, to match exactly shots of sea waves, surf and rocks which I had filmed previously on location. These images were layered in digital post-production with close ups of the pet goose, together with the credit titles, whose ripple effects were created directly under the rostrum camera using a tank of water.

Post-Production - Peter Willis and Malcolm Dalton, BBC Video Rostrum Unit.

Lighting Cameraman - Douglas Adamson.

Designer/Director - Michael Graham-Smith.

Jumping the Queue storyboards