Instrument Amnesty - promo (2000)

Concept and creative process

Instrument Amnesty was an initiative from the National Foundation for Youth Music in collaboration with BBC Music Live continuing a commitment to nurturing new talent and supporting and promoting the arts. Instrument Amnesty aimed to increase access among children and young people to music-making. Well over 4,000 instruments were donated, supporting and encouraging access to a wide variety of music-making opportunities for children and young people, particularly those with least opportunity. The scheme was part of BBC Music Live, a five-day celebration of live music-making, which ran from 25-29 May 2000. 

The promotional campaign centred around a simple idea; A screen filled with a variety of donated instruments that suddenly begin to disappear, as they are picked up and taken on a new musical journey by children and young people. The final image shows a child trumpeting the start of the campaign.

The entirely live action shoot involved a specially created studio set and rig, to hold the heavy glass surface on which the instruments and actors walk. The sequence used timelapse as the method of final reveal. 

Design and Direction - Paula Williams.