Homefront (2002)

Concept and creative process

I was asked to work on a promotion for ‘Homefront’, a house and garden lifestyle programme, and to overlay the footage with graphic elements to reinforce the design message. My idea was to use the lovely design clips in the promo, and working backwards, show the design process used to create those elements. So I overlaid notes, scribbles, measurements and textures of white, as if these elements had once been a design on a piece of paper. The footage was constantly moving, so the drawn design elements couldn’t be static and had to move too. I was given the entire edited promo and chose which sections I wanted to work with. I grabbed frames from the promo, printed them out, drew over them on separate sheets of paper on a light box (creating the drawings you see on screen) and then grabbed my drawings back in under the camera. I then animated and composited it all together in Quantel Hal.