Home Truths (1994)

Concept and creative process

Steve Wright hosted this show that looked behind the public faces of famous people from sport, politics and show business. Executive Producer Janet Street Porter wanted the titles to reflect what these people might have in their handbag or a drawer in their desk for instance. The brief was to make the sequence feel more like a drama sequence than that of a light entertainment or documentary programme. The title sequence was shot on 35mm film on a motion control rig at Cell Animation. The sequence was split into three sections and each section was filmed and lit differently with coloured gels over the lights to emphasize and reflect the difference between the three set-ups. In the edit the panning sequences were seamlessly edited together with cross-fades, as they were in perfect sync to each other, having been shot on a computer-controlled camera.

Lighting Cameraman - Doug Foster.

Creative Direction, Design and Props - Liz Friedman.

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