Heart of the Country (1987)

Concept and creative process

The four-part drama series ‘Heart of the Country' was written by Fay Weldon. It was set, not in the rural idyll that the title suggests, but in the gritty reality of the life of a deserted wife and young family, left penniless and carless in a house in the country by the errant husband and father. The struggle of the remainder of the family to come to terms with this new situation leads to conflicts of age and perspective. The titles suggest obliquely that all is not well in the heart of the country. The miniature sets and animatronic models were made by Lion VFX Bristol and were shot 35mm film live action at Aardman Animation Bristol. The lettering and lightning effects were composited as film opticals.

Designer/Director - Bob Cosford.

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Heart of the Country storyboards