Famous Gossips (1965)

Concept and creative process

‘Famous Gossips' was an elegant title solution to a literary subject, that synched beautifully with the specially composed soundtrack by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The impact of the spoken words was heightened by replicating them in large text in the centre of the screen. Filmed on an animation stand with a rostrum camera, monochrome photographs of the spines of antique books were overlaid with a frieze of typography on clear cels, dissolving from one to the next during a constant panning shot on the first camera pass. The exposed film negative was then rewound and the lettering in the centre of the shot was double exposed in camera on a second pass.

Stills Photographer - Michael Sanders.

Rostrum Camera - Caravel Film Studios.

Designer/Director - Alan Jeapes.

Winner of the first ever Design & Art Direction (D&AD) Silver Award for Outstanding Television Graphics 1966.

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