Everyman (1983)

Concept and creative process

A generic title sequence for 'Everyman', a documentary strand which covered a broad spectrum of issues, from the spiritual to the supernatural to social and moral concerns, which impacted upon the lives of young and old alike. A model of rotating spheres within spheres was constructed by Stephen Greenfield and filmed with a 35mm motion control camera, transporting the audience from the universe, to our galaxy, to our planet. Our world is finally enveloped by a labyrinthine logo formed from a letter E and its mirror image revolving together to create a mandala, symbolising the mystery of spirituality. The series producer Daniel Wolf wanted the opening music to be a call sign, rather like that used to communicate with the aliens in the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. We discussed this with composer Simon May and, when he saw the images we had created, he was inspired to come up with his own haunting musical version of a call sign, which synchronised perfectly with the atmosphere and the action.

Designer/Director – Michael Graham-Smith.