The Enemy Within (2002)

Concept and creative process

Nigel Lythgoe hosts a general knowledge quiz show where one of five contestants has the unique advantage over the others - they have been given all the answers. The remaining competitors must uncover the identity of the player with the unfair advantage in order to win the prize money. The titles take their cue from this premise and in a computer-generated sequence take the viewer on a journey down a tunnel where they are bombarded by questions and screens containing colour negative images of eyes. Via the iris of one eye the viewer enters an environment where the five contestants are moving past one another as soft-focus negative images. The head and shoulders of each contestant in turn are brought into sharper focus and change from negative to positive by means of a screen floating among them, which scans each one and tracks their movements. The screen identifies a possible imposter, wrapped and bound by questions, and mixes through to the programme logo and a top shot of the studio set, with the contestants about to begin the game.

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