Emu's Broadcasting Company (1978)

Concept and creative process

The title sequence for the 'Emu Broadcasting Company' with which Emu invaded the screen for 25 minutes of fun and action in his schedule of lively shows from the smallest, but zaniest TV channel in the world. The idea was to make a spoof title sequence, copying the idea behind the BBC 1 identity of the revolving world. The title sequence was really an extended channel identity. The entire sequence was produced as a hand drawn animation, as this was in the pre-computer animation era. The logo was drawn up as a top-lit animation on paper. The letters were double exposed in-camera for the flare effect. This was done by cutting out the letters from black card and running a back-lit over-exposed pass. The background animation consisted of a series of coloured cinemoid gels positioned together and a back-lit rotating filter adding flare effects. This was all shot in-camera on a rostrum camera.

Animation - Barry Merritt from B&M Animation.

Concept, Design and Art Direction - Liz Friedman.