DEF II stings compilation (1993)

Concept and creative process

The brief was to create a new brand identity for Janet Street-Porter's Youth Programme Strand 'DEF II'. The question was how to follow what had already successfully gone before? We decided to retain the original concept of the 'DEF II' barcode logo for continuity, but made it a stronger, more prominent visual presence in the overall design of the stings, the intention of which was to constantly reinforce the new brand identity. The addition of a swatch of colours from hot to cool further enhanced the original barcode concept and enabled us to introduce a playful element into the representation of the barcode and the colours. This is a compilation of some of the many individual stings produced on a rolling basis that were used between different programme items. They were designed to ensure the branding always appeared fresh, new and surprising, while remaining recognisably 'DEF II', even if you switched on half-way through the programme.