Changing Rooms (1996)

Concept and creative process

'Changing Rooms' was an interior decoration makeover programme, produced by Nick Vaughan-Barratt. The idea behind the title sequence was to reflect the flavour and mood of the programme itself which was a light hearted, fun make-over for everyday people's homes, unlike the more sophisticated and high brow 'grand designs' kind of genre. We created a logo and used shots of it being formed in-between short live action scenes which we also shot specially for the sequence. We wanted a very clean, bright look, so all the props were carefully sourced. The dogs were hired and we were lucky to find a dog handler with a pink poodle. The kennel was made by a model maker and the logo used in the shoot was a Fablon-based stick down. The live action shoot was post-produced on Quantel HAL at BBC Television Centre.

Concept and Live Action Direction - Liz Friedman & John Salisbury.

Quantel Hal Edit - John Salisbury.