Blackadder The Third - opening titles (1987)

Concept and creative process

England 1760-1827, a golden age of wealth and power, finds Blackadder as butler to the Prince Regent. The new Prime Minister, Pitt the Younger (aged 13¾), plans to bankrupt the Prince. Blackadder takes his master's side (and his cash) in a rip-roaring tale of sex and politics. In a live action shoot, Blackadder searches through a library shelf of specially designed books with joke titles containing the word BLACK. The camera picks out the gold foil-blocked spines of various volumes selected by Blackadder which convey the series title and credits for the cast. Inside the series title volume Blackadder discovers an illustrated bookmark which contains the episode title. This final shot was changed with each episode with a different bookmark conveying each new subtitle. A perfect example of the seamless integration of graphics into the main action.