BBC2 Winter Still Life - Eggs (1992)

Concept and creative process

The concept behind this series of BBC Two idents was the living sculpture or posed studio photograph, in which the subject is primarily still unless a movement occurs or is caused by an external factor. Great care was taken over the positioning and the lighting of the individual set-ups. The ident ‘Eggs on Toast’ was shot as a life-sized model. A clean beauty pass of the toaster and background was shot and the toast rigged, so that it could be animated frame by frame. A sound effect was later added to cue the appearance of the ‘2’ and the ejection of the toast and eggs from the toaster. The egg yolks appear to ogle the ‘2’ logo in mid-air, before bouncing off the toaster and landing on the floor, where they continue to gaze up at the ‘2’ from below. The beauty pass and the animation shots were composited in post-production enabling the support rigs for the animation to be removed.