BBC2 Winter promotion - Op-Art Sixties 3 (1994)

Concept and creative process

'Op Art (1960s)' was one of the ideas produced for the 1994 Winter Campaign for BBC2 presentation, which included ‘Slinky’, ‘Bungee’, ‘Cliffhanger’, ‘Meccano’, ‘Greenhouse’, ‘Ski Jump’, ‘Goal’ and ‘Magnet’. The campaign had no overall theme but many different ideas and each idea was produced using a different technique. 'Op Art' was a model set-up which was filmed stop-frame animation entirely in-camera. The soundtrack was composed of a 1960s style guitar riff. A second version played out to jungle noises.

Winner of the Design & Art Direction Black Pencil for Television Graphics/Brand Identity 1994.

Nominated for a BAFTA Craft Award for Television Graphics 1994.