BBC2 Christmas campaign - Wild Fairies cracker sting (1998)

Concept and creative process

This 1998 Christmas campaign reflected the cheekiness of BBC2 through the antics of a group of wicked fairies, each up to no good. Bespoke costumes were made for each wild fairy and all were shot separately against a green screen. Models of the tree, cracker, pudding and glass were created and similarly shot against green screen. Compositing and effects were added in post-production.

Costume Designers - Handsome Foundation.

Model Makers - Complete Fabrication.

Lighting Cameraman - Clive Norman at Banana Park Studios.

Editors - Aron Baxter, Gavin Burridge and Thrain Shadbolt.

Music - Colin Smith, Simon Elms.

Designers/Directors - Jane Wyatt (Wyatt-Brooks), Sean De Sparengo.

Winner of a Design & Art Direction Wood Pencil for Television Graphics/Brand Identity 1999.

Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Graphic Design/Channel Identity 1999.

BBC2 Christmas - Wild Fairies costume designs and notes