BBC1 Spring/Summer - Circles Ident 1 (1990)

Concept and creative process

The concept for the 1990 Spring/Summer BBC1 presentation campaign reflected the iconic globe channel branding for BBC1 through a theme of revolving circles. The globe revolved on the hat, the flags were spun round by hand, and the ballet shoe traced a circle on the floor, leaving a trail of flames. The whole package of animations was created in a limited blue and red colour palette, with styling that was sleek and stylish. The shoot took place on a large set using life-sized pillars for one scene, alongside close up model shots for the hat sequence. The hat was a weighty model, so the real-life model had to be placed beneath the structure. The effects, such as the blue flames, revolving globe etc., were composited in post-production.

Model Maker - Asylum.

Lighting Cameraman - Doug Foster, Cell Animation.

Designers - Jane Wyatt (Wyatt-Brooks), Margaret Horrocks (Harvey) and Jane Fielder.

Winner of a Broadcast Designers Association International Silver Award 1990.

BBC1 Spring/Summer - Circles ident promo materials

BBC1 Spring/Summer - Circles Ident copy

BBC1 Spring/Summer - Circles Ident copy