BBC Three "That One" interstitial (2003)

Concept and creative process

The ‘That One' interstitial was from the campaign to launch the new BBC Three channel on 9th February 2003. Produced by Lambie-Nairn and Aardman Animation for BBC Three, this wacky series of idents, stings and interstitials featuring the animated 'Blobs' won the Design & Art Direction Yellow Pencil Award for Outstanding Television Graphics/Brand Identity 2004. The animation ‘scripts’ were the result of Matt Penney trawling through the BBC Sound Archive and finding sound bites that were amusing when taken out of context. It was a technique that Aaardman had used to great effect in their classic animation series ‘Creature Comforts’.

Lambie-Nairn Creative Director - Gary Holt.

Design Director - Matt Penney.

Aardman Animation Director - Stefan Marjoram.