BBC One The 12 Days of Christmas - Five Gold Rings sting (1997)

Concept and creative process

The song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ was the theme for the 1997 BBC One Christmas campaign, and designers Sarah Dewis and Ahmet Ahmet devised scenarios for each individual sting. This is their version of ‘Five Gold Rings’. They shot the sting live action with a highly accomplished hula hoop performance artist. The filming was on 35mm in a large studio with a prop wrought iron standard lamp, suggesting the light source for the reflections in the gold rings. The post-production was by Jon Hollis at Smoke and Mirrors.

Producer - Penny Verbe.

Directors - Sarah Dewis and Ahmet Ahmet.

Winners of a Broadcast Designers Association Award 1998.

The 12 Days of Christmas - Five Gold Rings storyboards