BBC Knowledge Aquarium - sting (1999)

Concept and creative process

This sting was filmed using super 16mm on an Arri SR3 cine camera which allowed me to film at 150 frames per second. I wanted the stings to be little moments of fun, but with an underlying educational element to them as well. We wrote lots of different scenarios but we only had the budget to film a couple, which were the toy helicopter and aquarium ideas. Visually I think I might have been inspired by the sequence from David Fincher’s film ‘Fight Club,’ when Edward Norton walks through his apartment and everything he owns has a white typographic price tag and barcode attached to it, like the contents of an IKEA catalogue. The sequence expresses the idea that everything has this underlying information or knowledge attached to It.

Designer/Director - Steve Cope.

Director of Photography - Mike George.

Producer - Louise Jones.

Design Week Awards 2000 Best Screen Graphics (Runner Up) USA Promax & BDA 2000 Silver Award EUROPE Promax & BDA 2000 Silver Award.