Ask The Family (1976)

Concept and creative process

Chairman Robert Robinson was the referee of 'Ask The Family', a quiz show contest of speed and wits between families from all over the UK. This was a long running strand which had already commanded a devoted following since its launch in 1967. The brief was to create a new sequence with a new look to rebrand the programme. The idea depicts a family, which represents the contestants. The style chosen, Edwardian fun fair, allows for lots of colour to be used. The opening section shows the faces of the mother, father, son, daughter revolving through frame like a carousel. This was done by placing the illustrations onto a drum measuring about 30 cms. The drum was placed under the 35mm film rostrum camera and filmed single frame using a stop frame model mover. The sequence develops with the family faces slotting together, being built up of strips. This was done by very precisely cutting up photographs of the original artwork into equal slices, having stuck them onto magnetic rubber beforehand. Metal rods (in similar size to metal rulers) were precision cut, so they would slide up and down freely, but without showing any gaps. The magnetic rubber allowed the illustrations to be placed on the rods without actually sticking them. This aided flexibility in the event of the artwork getting damaged during the shoot. The main title caption was shot in exactly the same way, so the logo could develop and form into the title lettering. All of this section was shot in reverse i.e the image started in its final position, then separated frame by frame. Bob Cosford created the illustrative artwork.

Concept Design and Creative Direction - Liz Friedman.

Illustrations - Bob Cosford.

Ask The Family original artwork

Ask The Family titles artwork