Antiques Roadshow (1998)

Concept and creative process

The title sequence for Series 20 of ‘Antiques Roadshow’ was a complex multi-layered edit of a number of different elements shot separately in a studio and montaged together in post-production. An additional element in the mix were the members of the live audience filmed looking at objects and generally moving about in the background of the shot. This gave the opportunity for layering reflections of people in some of the objects such as the grandfather clock, the coffee pot, the lens and the glass of the framed painting. The movement of the people was also enlarged, distorted and percentage layered in the foreground and background of the shot to create an interesting busy texture which threaded visually through the whole sequence, creating the atmosphere of a public event and not just a beauty parade of antique objects. The theme music was written by Paul Reade and Tim Gibson and published by Air Edel.