1991 BBC2 - Rebrand Paint ident

Concept and creative process

The Two logo, designed by Alan Jeapes and launched in 1986, was coming to the end of its life by the end of the decade. It had originally been created by computer in response to a brief which reflected the Channel Controller Graeme MacDonald's aspiration for a more sophisticated and highbrow output. In 1987 a new BBC2 Controller was appointed, Alan Yentob, previously the BBC's Head of Music and Arts. He disliked the Two branding and in response to viewer surveys which found the Two to be "too dull and worthy," he commissioned a Brand Identity strategic review and redesign from design consultant Martin Lambie-Nairn. The result was that a Gill Sans Extra Bold '2' and the BBC2 viridian brand colour became the chief components of the new channel branding that went on-air in February 1991, using the ‘2’ logo in innovative and visually striking ways. This ident was among the first tranche of new BBC2 idents to be aired.

Model Makers - Bob Hinks, Mark Curtis and Steve Wilsher.

Lighting Cameraman - Doug Foster, Cell Animation.

Animator - Rob Harvey.

Music - Anthony and Gaynor Sadler.

Creative Director - Martin Lambie-Nairn.

Designer/Director - Daniel Barber.

Winner of the BAFTA Craft Award for Graphic Design/BBC Network Identities 1992.

Winner of a Design & Art Direction Yellow Pencil for Television Graphics/Promotion 1991.

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