Workshop at the Institute

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Our Workshop is a practical space for the exploration of prototypes and concepts. Bring your ideas up to scale or into 3D with our 3D print service and large format printers with an array of media for branding, stencils, decals and so much more.


The Workshop is located in room 1A inside the Institute for Creativity and Technology. 


From small prints to large banners, we offer wide format printing on a range of materials, from paper and films to stickers and canvas.

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Opening times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30am - 5:00pm.

Laser cutting

Our 60w lasers cut and engrave plastics, card, plywood and more at sizes up to 800mm x 450mm up to 4mm thick.

3D printing

We offer 3D printing from low cost FDM models to high quality multi-material Stratasys Objet.

Vinyl cutting

We offer adhesive vinyls for branding, decals, stencils and t-shirts, up to 1.3m.