Course overview

  • Starts: Sep 2022 / Sep 2023
  • Duration: FT 1 year
  • Mode: Full time
  • Fees: UK: £10,400 / INT: £17,000
  • Location: The Institute

Ideal for: diverse creatives, social entrepreneurs and changemakers with a burning desire to tackle complex global issues

Building a sustainable tomorrow, today.

This Social Innovation master of design (MDes) course will empower you to create new services, organisational models and communications platforms that better serve society. 

In a recent survey, our postgraduate courses scored 91% student satisfaction for creativity and design, and 93% satisfaction overall.*

*Source: Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, 2020

Different between MDes courses

Why study an MDes Social Innovation master's degree?

  1. Address complex global issues like inequality, social cohesion and climate change 
  2. Develop a wealth of fundamental and transferable skills
  3. Hone leadership skills by prototyping and piloting theories of change 
  4. Co-create and facilitate social action programmes
  5. Co-design new organisational models with powerful social missions 
  6. Create highly participatory services using new tech and organisational models 
  7. Think more laterally and spot new patterns of social change
  8. Tap into exceptional industry connections
  9. Study in a stunning new building in London's Design District
  10. Be a legacy-maker for The Institute of Creativity and Technology

In our powerful new Social Innovation course in London, you will gain the skills and insights needed to make a true impact to bring about social and environmental change through partnership development with businesses, community groups and public bodies.  

You will learn to think more laterally and spot new patterns of social change in order to engage with the most serious social and environmental issues of our time  problems which need lateral ‘joined up’ solutions.

Once you’ve studied our Social Innovation master's course, which you can study full time for one year or part time for two, you’ll understand your own unique value and apply your skills to transform the way in which services, organisations and businesses are configured to meet local and global challenges.   


Key study topics

On this MDes Social Innovation course, you will:

  • Learn to effectively design and formulate creative methods to generate new solutions that will bring vision and integrity to organisations, businesses and the wider global society 
  • Demonstrate how social innovation operates across boundaries between sectors, organisations and traditional services  
  • Have the opportunity to improve civic and economic development by designing new and sustainable services, technology platforms, organisations and businesses  
  • Test and pilot new ideas to address fundamental problems in areas such as: inequality, health, social cohesion, the aging population, gender, race, climate change and economic development  

    Student work

    Student work on the MDes Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership course

    Remora - democratising the music industry

    A plugin for Spotify that lets users see and control the data and algorithms that are shaping their music browsing experience

    Read more here

    Student work on the MDes Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership course

    Former student disrupts the disrupters

    This essay, by Tania Carregha, will analyse the case of a particular industry- music, analysing the music streaming giant Spotify and its role in transforming the music industry. It will describe some of the negative externalities of the platform, identified through primary and secondary research. It will then present a proposal for a plugin, “Remora”, that has the potential to transform Spotify, generating a more transparent browsing experience.

    Read more here

    Student work example on MDes course

    Bring play into play

    A play learning mindset for design management

    By Frances Catherine C. Poblete

    Find out more

    Student work on the  MDes Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership course

    Dedigning leadership: Thoughts, Questions, ideas

    Learning Log by former student Emnet Woubishet Teklu, March 2019

    Read more here

    Student work on the MDes Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership course

    Strategic design and innovation

    Operational design - the Cyphercoders model 

    Exploring the lives and experiences that surround the context of Cypher, a summer coding camp for kids that aims to encourage creativity through the lenses of technology.

    MDes student brief - Best Bank

    MDes Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership

    An example of the live briefs students on the course work with

    Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

    Unfold: Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

    Ravensbourne in collaboration with CreativeLab, launched Unfold in September 2019, a multidisciplinary exhibition that showcased the work of our postgraduate students.

    Disciplines collaborated closely throughout the year to develop projects that interrogate, explore and critique a broad range of contemporary design issues.

    Students brought diverse prior experiences to their practice, and while applying this to their projects, they considered how they could move their disciplines forward.

    The specifics

    Alumni stories

    Creativity. It's institutional.

    The Institute for Creativity and Technology

    When you study a master's in Social Innovation, you will join a support network and diverse community of enterprising creatives in a stunning new building teeming with creativity and endeavour. Opening in 2021, The Institute for Creativity and Technology connects academics, researchers and postgraduate students with industry partners to explore the interplay between creativity and technology for education, industry and society.

    Located in the heart of London’s creative hub, the Design District, its impossible not to be inspired by the passionate minds, creative sparks and rich culture that surrounds you.


    Access expert talks:

    Industry leaders discuss creativity, technology and innovation

    In Conversation Series with Joanna

    Creating a better future for us all

    Paul Sternberg, Director of Postgraduate Studies talked to Joanna Choukeir, Director of Design and Innovation at the RSA (Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture and Commerce).

    Paul and Joanna talked in depth about how design for social innovation has the potential to create a better future for us all within the framework of the Institute’s new MDes Service Design, Social Innovation and Design Leadership.

    Watch the full show and more

    Girl sat in the crowd at an In Conversation event

    In Conversation series

    In this series of events, the Institute's academics discuss creativity and innovation with leading edge thinkers and practitioners. 

    In conversation series of talks for Ravensbourne

    Introducing the In Conversation series

    Paul Sternberg, Director of Postgraduate Studies, gives you a warm welcome to the In Conversation series. 

    Speakers from across the creative spectrum talk to him about how they've overcome obstacles to turn ideas into reality and shape their own futures.

    Watch more talks now

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