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Accelerate from beginner to professional user experience and user-interface designer in 24 weeks. Study online and part-time, as you learn the essential skills needed to design user-centric product interfaces, conduct usability testing, and develop interactive prototypes. You'll complete real-world client projects, collaborate effectively in product teams and launch a high-growth career as a user experience designer.

In partnership with SkillsUnion


In partnership with SkillsUnion


What can this course do for me?

If you dream of a challenging career as a professional user experience designer, but work in a demanding full-time role or have a busy daytime schedule, then this bootcamp is for you.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of human-centered design for both web and mobile, including typography and branding principles. You will also use the same techniques seen at the world’s fastest growing technology companies, such as Facebook, Google, Uber and Stripe.

On completion, you’ll be confident in your ability to succeed as a user experience designer, having developed a professional-grade portfolio and worked on challenging projects that solve real-world problems.

Top reasons to apply

  1. Develop the skills and experience needed to dive into a career in design
  2. Build a professional-grade design portfolio to share with employers.
  3. Grow your design and product network with established and aspiring creatives.
  4. Learn user experience design anywhere, anytime, mirroring the growth of remote design jobs.
  5. Personalised instructor feedback and career guidance to prepare you for design sense interviews and career progression.

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