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BA (Hons) Animation

You are to upload no more than 10 pieces of work to a blog.

A piece of work can be: 

  • An animation
  • A storyboard
  • A concept piece, which could be of an environment or character design
  • Life drawings (one sheet of paper with multiple drawings on it or one developed drawing showing tone or colour)
  • Any personal work representing design, drawing, colour and research.
  • 3D work (a single model, an environment or samples of texturing and lighting skills)
  • If you feel other work is suitable such as photography or model making then please feel free to add it if it is relevant to animation.

The blog

As for the blog you can either create a free blog using Tumblr or use an existing blog if you have one.

You will need to sign up using an existing email address and a password of your choice. Also create a simple URL perhaps something simple like: ravensbourneinterview.tumblr.com

Please make sure to remember these details in case we need to contact you if we have a problem with your blog.

Make sure your blog is not password protected so we can gain access to your blog at anytime.

Please note it is your responsibility for ensuring we can access your blog. If we are unable to do so we will not be able to proceed with your application.

BA (Hons) Digital Photography

Bring a selected portfolio of your other work, try to be as varied as you can, showing your range of interests and experience. 


BA (Hons) Music and Sound Design

Your portfolio should consist of a single Word or PDF document/attachment containing:

Online links to 3 examples of orginal Music or Sound Design.

If possible, please include at least one example created for another form of media (e.g. music or sound design for a short flim, animation or game for a short film, animation or game.)

Please be prepared to discuss the pieces in your portfolio during you interview. Consider why it was composed, what kind of software/plugins/samples you used and what other pieces or composers influenced you work.

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