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Wrangler Modern

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Wrangler Modern is a capsule accessories collection that draws on the pillars of the Wrangler brand: performance, authenticity, style, function and innovation. This is reflected in the versatility of the accessories, which are designed for everyday use and to fit with the busy and unpredictable life of a modern woman. The target customer is an ‘Athena woman’, or a working mother, who have a positive mental attitude, overcome whatever challenges are thrown their way and are independent, confident and free!

Several of the design features are a not to the history of denim clothing in the USA, a nod to Wrangler’s heritage. The metallic ‘denim dust’ featured in the soles of the shoes and the tags on the bags harks back to the gold rush in the United States, which was fundamental to many rural communities. Casing the dust in melted and reformed materials - resin (on the tags) and silicon (on the soles) - demonstrates how traditional techniques associated with US history can be reinvented for a modern consumer. Finally, the closed colour pallette of rose gold and pale pink reflects modern trends and serves to attract a new breed of fashion-conscious female consumer to Wrangler. 

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