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Our degree programmes prepare you with the knowledge and skills appropriate to a range of career outcomes in the design of the environment: interior design, landscape or architecture.

You will be encouraged to develop your individual creative ability and support this with the development of a high level of technical skills.

Layton Portrait_01You will have the opportunity to explore the creation of the spaces we use everyday as well as those at the experimental edge of creativity that we admire as art forms in their own right whether permanent, temporary, or virtual.

Our students are immersed in the world of industry with live briefs, events, and opportunities for interaction to prepare you for a career in architecture, interiors, landscape or their allied professions.

Staff bring with them a wealth of professional and international experience at the highest levels to guide, debate and nurture you as you progress.

Our students are encouraged to understand the philosophies behind the design of different kinds of spaces and the impact that the interrelationship of politics, society and technological change can have on the built environment.

Layton Reid, Associate Dean

Ravensbourne offers you the opportunity to be treated as the young designer you want to be. You are pushed to become entrepreneurial and develop your skills as a young working professional.
Chris Hall, BA (Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures alumnus

Write to us: Department of Architecture, Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich, SE10 0EW

General enquiries: info@rave.ac.uk

Undergraduate applications: Applications are made through UCAS

Undergraduate admissions enquiriesPlease email admissions@rave.ac.uk

Academic enquiries: Idrees Rasouli, Course leader, Department of Architecture i.rasouli@rave.ac.uk



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