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Architectural PEDR

Professional Experience Development Record

To register as an architect in the UK you are required to attain Architects’ Registration Board (ARB) endorsed or prescribed qualifications at Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the architectural education sequence, as well as 24 months of officially logged suitable work experience, a minimum of 12 months of which must be post-Part 2 (see the ARB website under Qualifications/Practical Training Requirements).

PEDR 1 provides you with this record of the first 12 months experience (normally undertaken after the undergraduate degree) required to enrol on a Part 3 programme.

PEDR 2 provides you the record of the second 12 months experience (undertaken after the postgraduate degree) required to take the ARB Part 3 exam in architecture and to register as an architect in the UK.

The log is digital and you register on it via the RIBA PEDR website. It is monitored and must be endorsed every three months by both a suitable representative in the practice you work for (the office mentor) and by your Professional Studies Advisor (PSA), in accordance with the guidelines on the PEDR website. Ravensbourne provides this PSA service, and you can subscribe to it here.

Please note that each quarterly log:

  • must be submitted to the office monitor and the PSA within two months of the completion of that quarter (i.e. five month maximum backlog on registering with PEDR)
  • can only record a minimum of three months with a single employer
  • can each be with different employers (e.g. three months with employer 1, the next three months with employer 2, etc)
  • is not time dependant (i.e. you can start the process anytime when you start work, and you can interrupt it at three month intervals, e.g. if you want to take a break between employers, and/or do the 12 months over two years with gaps)

Please address any queries to pedr@rave.ac.uk

To initiate the recording of your experience please do the following:

  • when you start work or if you have already started, register on the RIBA PEDR website.
  • nominate your office mentor (read the PEDR guidelines as to who qualifies to do this – it can be an architect external to the office for example)
  • to subscribe to the Ravensbourne PEDR service for either PEDR 1 or PEDR 2 please enter in your name and email address below. 

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PEDR 1 - costs £240 which covers the first four quarterly log submissions and is not time dependent

PEDR 2 - costs £240 which covers the last four quarterly log submissions. You will need to have completed PEDR 1 to be able to subscribe to PEDR 2.

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