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Digital photography

Expand your digital photography skills and techniques. Through a series of guided interactive sessions, you will be supported in the production of your own insightful and high quality imagery. You will explore the craft of photography through the examination of several genres and create your own project utilising the new skills you have acquired. You'll also learn how to take your photos to the next level by learning how editing and presentation can add the finishing touches to your work.

Topics covered

  • Knowing your digital camera
  • Experimentation within the genres of still life, portraiture and the natural world
  • Lighting techniques
  • Project planning and development
  • Image selection and refinement
  • Digital manipulation using Photoshop

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will have gained the confidence to use your photographic equipment to its full potential. You will learn new techniques to capture a range of subjects and how to use both natural and artificial light to enhance your images. You will be able to research, plan and execute a personal project by developing skills in selecting successful and cohesive sets of images. You will also be able to enhance your digital images using industry-standard software.

What you need to bring

DSLR camera and notebook or sketchbook

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