Mixing audio

an introduction

Using Logic Pro X you will learn how to edit, mix, and master multitrack audio recordings to create a professional-sounding end-product. No previous experience with Logic Pro X is necessary, but it will be an advantage if participants are familiar with using Apple Macs, and can open and save files, create folders, navigate the hard disk, and use basic functions such as copy and paste.

Topics covered

  • Session management – importing audio tracks, adding arrangement markers, organising and colour-coding regions and tracks, Beat Mapping
  • Mixing – balancing levels, panning, pre/post fade metering, using EQ, dynamics processing (compressors, noise gates), effects processing (reverb, delay etc.), automation, track edit/mix grouping
  • Routing – sending audio through buses, using Track Stacks
  • Editing – Quick Comping, Flex Time, Flex Pitch, drum reinforcement and replacement
  • Bouncing your mix to disk and performing basic mastering using Logic X's plug-ins
  • Efficient usage of Logic Pro X – keystrokes, tips and tricks, managing windows, audio preferences

Learning outcomes

  • At the end of the course you will know how to import audio from any other DAW into Logic Pro X
  • Create a tempo map from a live performance • Correct timing and pitch mistakes
  • Compile the best sections of multiple takes into a 'master' take
  • Use equalisation to bring clarity and separation to the instruments in your mix
  • Use compression to improve the consistency of instrument levels in your mix, and noise gates to remove unwanted background noise 
  • Apply reverb to blend instruments, create depth, or create sustain 
  • Use other effects such as delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, filtering
  • Use audio subgroups to easily manage multiple audio tracks 
  • Create a dynamic, lively mix using automation
  • When, how, and why you need to use dither 
  • Perform basic mastering using multiband compression, EQ, and limiting


Andrew Nicholls

What you need to bring

Headphones, a USB hard drive or pen drive (16GB minimum) for backing-up your work, a notepad and pen/pencil for making notes. Please feel free to bring along an electronic device to record audio/video of tutor demonstrations. 


8 weeks


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£500 Inc. VAT 

Any questions?

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