Technical drawings and creating a professional tech pack

Learn what it takes to create a professional tech pack and gain the essential tools and resources to be able to start your career as an entry-level fashion designer.

This practical course introduces you to the art of clear sketching by hand and by computer aided design using Adobe Illustrator. You'll be taken step-by-step through the process of translating a 3D garment into a 2D concept. You will gain an understanding proportion, scale and the precise details/ descriptions that are necessary in creating a CAD for suppliers to interpret, make and produce garments.

The course will start with a male basic shirt (on a mannequin to help describe the proportions and how to translate them into drawings) and a few other examples will be introduced so you can gain a good understanding of shape, drape and details which help create an ideal tech pack. Towards the end of the course you will have gained a clear understanding of the process essential for being a professional designer and have a head start in creating professional tech packs.

Topics covered

  • Studying the form of a male shirt and learn the essential items to identify before a tech pack is created
  • Explanation of how to translate a 3D garment into 2D in the form of sketching and CAD design.
  • Students will practice drawing clear garments that are flat and symmetrical
  • Add additional details to the flat drawing that are essential in making the tech pack
  • Learn and create each close up page to make the tech pack clear and detailed
  • Show how to amend or edit details on the tech pack which may be necessary due to the cost of making the garment
  • Adding branding and finishing touches.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, you will have gained sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision on required information for a creating a tech pack - essential for budding fashion designers.

As the course begins with an introduction of 3D shape and the form of a garment, you will have the knowledge to apply the same techniques to many other garments male or female.

You will have an understanding of drawing to scale and documenting details that are important in making the tech pack clear. You will also understand how to bullet point information in order to make product development quick and easy.


Naomi Ngei

What you need to bring

A4 Paper, fine line pen, pencil, ruler, tracing paper, thick line pen, rubber


6 weeks 


Mondays, 19:00-21:00


Coming soon


£250 (inc. VAT)

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