Pattern cutting

an introduction

Wanting to learn how to produce your own customised and individually fitted garments? We've got the perfect course to support you on your creative pattern cutting journey. You'll be introduced to the professional tools used by industry practitioners as well as learning the fundamentals of pattern development. You'll then be taken step-by step through the key facets of pattern drafting methods, including drafting basic blocks, translating 2D ideas into 3D concepts and dart manipulation. You will also find out how to apply body measurements when customising a pattern block to reflect your unique sense of style and design.

This course is aimed at beginners, so you'll learn in a fun and informal environment alongside like-minded, creative people.  

Topics covered

  • effectively using pattern cutting equipment
  • drafting a basic block, including skirt, dress, top, sleeve, collars, trousers
  • taking body measurements
  • producing patterns from the blocks
  • manipulating patterns to produce new styles
  • pattern amendments and fittings
  • translating designs or images into industry-standard patterns

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, you will have a clear and creative understanding of the process and ideas behind drafting basic blocks and have gained the skills to effectively use pattern cutting equipment. You will be able to apply your skills to translate a design idea into a finished pattern in a style of your own choice.


Evangelia Thomadakis

What you need to bring

Pattern master, notches, tracing wheel, mechanical pencil-0.5, rubber, tape measure, pattern drill, pins, chalk pen, scissors (paper and fabric), 


 9 weeks


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£525 (inc VAT)

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Please contact us on shortcourses@rave.ac.uk

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