Luxury Fashion Management

This course aims to explore the issues that affect the luxury fashion industry. During the course led by a leading worldwide expert in luxury fashion brand management, Fabio Ciquera, you will look at how the world’s leading luxury brands communicate with their audiences and learn to understand the communication smokescreen that separates the dream logic of the brand from the commercial logic.

You will examine the historical aspects of building fashion luxury brands and analyse the peculiarity of its marketing mix, and its marketing strategies. You will also look at globalisation and its success and pitfalls as well as learn to appreciate the different approaches to communication and sales channels. This will enable participants in the course to structure and write a strategic business plan for a brand by the end of the course.

Topics covered

  • Luxury: concept and definitions
  • Customers attitudes towards fashion luxury brands
  • Marketing and fashion luxury
  • Consumer attitudes towards luxury
  • The holistic approach to communication of fashion luxury houses
  • Luxury management and luxury business model

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the frameworks that regulate the luxury industry, paying particular attention to the key facts that has shaped the business in the past century.
  • Analysis of the current status of the industry: key success factors and aspects that have determined the success or demise of fashion luxury houses.
  • Analyse the current factors that are relevant to a globalised industry, determining what is of essence of for the business and what has been detrimental.
  • Review the peculiarity of the marketing mix that regulates the fashion and luxury sector.
  • Create or revive a fashion luxury brand of your choice utilising the strategies and tactics that regulate the sector.
  • By the end of the course participants will have developed the ability to identify and select appropriate marketing tools to create or revive a fashion luxury brand. You will have understood the pivotal aspects that regulate the identity of global brands and how the strategic management of it leads companies to longevity and success.


Fabio Ciquera

What you need to bring

Notebook and pens, or laptop for notes and a calculator or phone with a calculator function


10 weeks


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£450 (inc. VAT)

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