Japanese pattern cutting

Ever wanted to take a different creative approach to pattern cutting?  Why not explore Japanese pattern cutting on this innovative and inspirational course. 

You'll get to experience the creation of 3D forms in fabric or flexible materials, and use the resulting shapes for fashion or costume design, incorporating them into wearable garments. This method can equally be used for stimulating ideas for soft sculpture or reliefs, making it potentially a new tool for artists as well as designers. A great way for you to generate ideas for design or art projects - whether you work in these fields, or make artwork on a personal level - Japanese pattern cutting will be illuminating and stimulating!

Previous experience of pattern cutting not necessary, but a basic ability to use a sewing machine is needed.

Topics covered

  • An introduction to the Japanese methods of Tomoko Nakamichi, author of the ‘Pattern Magic’ books.
  • Creation of either a blog / pinterest board / or hard copy journal as a reference tool to document process
  • Making a basic size 12 bodice block
  • Methods for making a finished pattern including explanation of tools
  • Flat pattern methods for creating 3D sculptural shapes with demonstrations and samples.
  • Making calico samples from the patterns.
  • Reverse method: Making a pattern taken from an existing 3D shape, and reconstructing in calico.
  • Making patterns for stretch fabrics
  • Making pattern for individual final piece, including design and consideration of fabrics

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, you will have gained the know-how to produce an accurate bodice block and how to use the bodice block to create flat patterns for extended 3D shapes. You'll be able to complete the calico samples, make a pattern from a pre-formed 3D shape - pattern completed, and sample produced. You will have picked up tips to produce patterns for stretch fabrics. and be able to incorporate sample ideas into garment shapes and larger surfaces.  You will also have produced your own blog/pinterest board or hard copy journal to use as reference document for the process.

What you need to bring

Long bladed paper scissors, fabric scissors/shears, technical pencil and eraser, felt tip pen/fineliner for marking patterns, Patternmaster (can be purchased after week 1) or large set square, roll of 2cm wide or narrower masking tape, white/cream thread, calico, dressmaking pins (ideally 30mm long x.65 diameter, 60cm and 30cm metal rulers, industrial bobbins and bobbin cases.


6 weeks


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£425 (inc. VAT)


About your tutor: Bobbie Seagroatt 

On leaving university, Bobbie worked in the fashion industry as a designer/pattern cutter for small independent companies, as well as for suppliers to larger high street stores. She now works as a designer/pattern cutter/maker in her own bespoke business, Atelier by Bobbie Seagroatt, as well as teaching as a university and college lecturer. She holds a degree in Fashion & Textiles, other professional qualifications and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

Any questions?

Please contact us on shortcourses@rave.ac.uk

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