Fashion textile design for print

for print

You will be introduced to creative and forward disciplines in drawing and mark making to expand your creative thought process marrying different skills and techniques together to produce design and print. Working on stands you will learn how to visualise your work in 3D before working on a computer. Using photoshop you will edit your designs and create repeating patterns that form a cohesive collection of prints for fashion. Finally printing your digital images directly to fabric.

Topics covered

  • Experimental mark making and observational drawing
  • Translating designs on paper into a print
  • Visualising your print by using the stand as an aid
  • Learning about scale and colour - and how to use both effectively
  • Using Photoshop for printed textiles
  • Learning how other fashion designers use print

Learning outcomes

You will have been introduced to some different techniques for mark making. Have expanded photoshop knowledge. Learnt how to use repeats for patterns. Have learnt how to use scale and colour effectively. Have seen how printers work. Been introduced to how the fashion industry uses prints. 


Sarah Thomas


4 weeks


10:00 - 16:00


28 January - 18 February



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