Fashion colour management

an introduction

Improve your fashion design skills by gaining valuable insights into to the tools and best practice processes used in industry for effective colour communication. This course will take you step-by-step through both traditional visual methods and the digital methods now being used by leading international brands, and have the chance to try some of the tools of the trade. You will also gain an insight and understanding of which aspects of managing colour in the supply chain management have the greatest impact on lead time, quality, price and sustainability.

Topics covered

  • Colour vision
  • The effects of lighting and the environment on colour
  • How to specify colour and what makes a good colour standard
  • What factors affect our colour decisions
  • Colour approvals visual & digital measurement
  • Communicating with dyers - Language of colour
  • Industry digital standards, equipment & systems
  • Colour standards
  • Understanding what goes wrong & why
  • Technical and manual colour tools
  • Advanced Colour Global Accreditation
  • Critical Paths
  • Environmental impacts and considerations
  • Demonstrating understanding/Colour vision tests

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will have gained a greater understanding of industry best practice on specifying and approving colour, by both visual and digital methods. You will develop an insight into why problems arise and steps to avoid and minimise issues for colour lab dips and bulk production. You will have learned more about processes, including effective communication with supply chains.

You will also have gained the skills to implement this learning into the workplace to improve process efficiency to achieve correct colours more easily, quickly and accurately.

Designers can use information to support their creativity and speed their colour development process.


Janet Best

What you need to bring

A notebook and pen. 


1 day


Saturday morning


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£125 (inc. VAT)

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