Dress pattern grading using Lectra Modaris

Wanting to make the grade using Lectra Modaris? This course balances theory and practice, introducing computer pattern grading. With a focus on womenswear (bodice, skirt and sleeves), you'll get hands-on experience of using a variety of styles to cover the most common grading techniques. This includes examining size charts and preparing to use this in order to grade a pattern. You'll then experience the specific application of grade rules on a series of styles, which are provided with the course.

Topics covered

  • Reading a size chart
  • Preparing grade rules
  • Applying grade rules to a variety of styles
  • Checking and amending pattern information contained in the Variant
  • Using Justprint to plot different sizes

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course you will have a greater understanding of the theory of grading for womanswear dresses. You'll be adept at reading a size chart and developing the required grade rules. You'll also be able to grade rules to a variety of styles and plot a nest of patterns or specific sizes.

What you need to bring

Notebook and pen, [USB stick or hard drive for saving your work - check]


1 day


Coming soon


£125 (inc. VAT)

About your tutor: Maggie Stott

Maggie Stott trained as a traditional Pattern Cutter & Designer way back in the 70s and added grading and garment technology to her expertise while in the professional workplace. Having worked on computer pattern cutting systems since 2000 she combines the best of traditional methods with modern technology, so necessary in today’s clothing industry.

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