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Fashion design

Digital pattern cutting with Lectra Modaris 

This unique course is aimed at professional pattern cutters who want to extend their skills to be able to work digitally, using Lectra Modaris software. You will develop your pattern cutting skills in the light of new methods when working digitally by inputting a personal pattern and completing it on screen - More information and booking.


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Japanese pattern cutting

Take a different approach to garment creation on this innovative Japanese Pattern Cutting course. You'll get to experience the creation of 3D forms in fabric or flexible materials, and use the resulting shapes for fashion or costume design, incorporating them into wearable garments - More information 

Fashion design: an introduction

If you are planning a career in fashion design and wonder if you have what it takes, this hands-on introductory course is perfect for you - More information 

Pattern grading with Lectra Modaris

Balancing theory and practice, this course introduces computer pattern grading to both the novice and experienced grader. You'll get hands-on experience of using a variety of styles to cover the most common grading techniques - More information

Dress pattern grading with Lectra Modaris

Balancing theory and practice, this course introduces computer pattern grading to both the novice and experienced grader. With a focus on womenswear (bodice, skirt and sleeves), you'll get hands-on experience of using a variety of styles to cover the most common grading techniques - More information 

Pattern designing using Lectra 3D simulation software

Enter the fashion digital age using prepared patterns created with Lectra Modaris. This practical course will guide you step-by-step through the process of virtual pattern design - More information 

Fashion trend forecasting

What is the role and purpose of a trend forecaster? Where do the colours of each season come from? Who decides what will be the key silhouettes? All these key questions, plus more, will be answered in this part lecture/part workshop-style course - More information 

Fashion product development: an introduction 

An introduction into the world of fashion product development; touching on all key elements of product development from the initial design concept through to the finished product. This course will focus on both the creative and technical sides of product development - More information 

Draping: advanced pattern cutting

Get creative with fabric and expand your flat pattern cutting skills on this advanced-level course. You will get to fully express your creative skills through the 3D draping of a garment shapes, whether structured dresses, fluid tops or soft tailored pieces - More information 

Pattern cutting: an introduction

Wanting to learn how to produce your own customised and individually fitted garments? On this practical course, you'll be introduced to the professional tools used by industry practitioners as well as learning the fundamentals of pattern development - More information

Technical drawings & creating a professional tech pack

Learn what it takes to create a professional tech pack and gain the essential tools and resources to be able to start your career as an entry-level fashion designer - More information 

Machine sewing: an introduction

Wanting to explore your creative side and learn how to make your own clothing? This hands-on, fun course is perfect for beginners who are looking to develop sewing skills, learn more about machine sewing on a professional-standard machine and produce simple garments - More information 

Photoshop and Illustrator for fashion: Introduction

Take your fashion designs from the page to the screen, with this hands-on introduction to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This practical course is ideal if you need to translate your designs or fashion illustration into a digital format -More information 

Photoshop & Illustrator for fashion: intermediate

Build on your existing Photoshop and Illustrator skills and focus on more advanced techniques specific to the fashion industry -More information 

Fashion accessories and textiles

Contemporary embroidery, embellishment & surface design

Embroidery with a twist! Experience a darker and alternative side of embroidered embellishment and surface design on silk on this practical and intriguing course. Learn from award-winning textile designer Steph Aman on how you can pushes the boundaries of embroidered embellishment - More information 

Create your own Statement Necklace

Throughout this fun and hands-on course, you'll get to experiment with various techniques of fashion jewellery design using acrylic and jewellery design. You'll get creative with by designing and making your very own statement necklace - More information 

Create your own wearable fashion accessory

Push the boundaries of jewellery making by designing and producing body adornments. This hands-on course will introduce you to the design and application of a wearable fashion accessory made from leather and using digital processes - More information 

Fashion retail and business

Fashion Buying: an introduction

Gain the skills and knowledge to start your professional career in fashion buying. This course will help you to think creatively and commercially whilst covering all aspects of what a fashion buyer actually does and the everyday challenges that you will face. More information

Fashion Colour Management: an introduction

Improve your fashion design skills by gaining valuable insights into to the tools and best practice processes used in industry for effective colour communication - More information 

Luxury Fashion Management

During the course led by a leading worldwide expert in luxury fashion brand management, Fabio Ciquera, you will look at how the world’s leading luxury brands communicate with their audiences and find out how to apply this to your own business strategies - More information 

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