Zine making

Mix craft and creative ideas to make your own publication! A Zine is a DIY self-made, self-published low-fi format which have gained popularity recently. This fun two-day course will introduce you to the wonderful world of zine making and zine culture and give you the chance to get hands-on in making your very own zine. Starting with a brief look at the history of, and examples of zines, you'll move onto learning more about production and distribution methods to successfully create and circulate your own publications.

Topics covered

  • History of zines -Examples of zines
  • Production methods, binding
  • Making your own zine(s)
  • Distributing your zine and learning about zine fairs.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, you will have gained an understanding of the history and variety of formats that zines can take. You will also have designed and produced your own zine.


Soofiya Chaudry

What you need to bring

Pens, pencils, magazines, scissors, any craft/art materials they'd like to use.


2 days


Coming soon 


£230 (inc. VAT)

Any questions?

Please contact us on shortcourses@rave.ac.uk

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