Design and Innovation

short courses for 2017

Design thinking

Innovators are not born, they are made. The big question is, how? How do you innovate? This course aims to help you do exactly that; it will get you ready to use the process of Design Thinking Innovation and the mindset of a problem solver in your daily life and work - More information and booking.

Graphic design: an introduction

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design, as well as opening your mind to wide and varied views on this form of visual communication. This course balances theory and practice, covering the basic principles that form the foundations of graphic design - More information 

Building an internet of things business

Gain the skills and confidence to start your own connected product (internet of things) business. This intensive course will take you step-by-step through the process os setting up a business in the UK - More information 

Welcome to the 3D printing era

Create your own 3D printed models on this fun and practical course. You will be introduced to different methods of producing three-dimensional models with a hands-on approach, from initial sketch models through to presentation models - More information 

Branding design: an introduction

What makes a great brand? Blending theory and practice, this course gives you an introduction to design and principles and effective branding. A beginners/intermediate course and ideal for small businesses or freelancers looking to develop your own brand - More information.

Zine making

This fun two-day course will introduce you to the wonderful world of zine making and zine culture and give you the chance to get hands-on in making your very own zine - More information.


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