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Advanced pattern cutting

31 July - 21 August

Want to get creative with fabric and expand your pattern cutting skills?

Ravensbourne is offering a 4-week advanced-level course on Draping: this should help to prepare you for your main MA Fashion course.

By learning a new technique you will gain a deeper understanding of cutting as well as developing an alternative skill which has applications in the cutting of all garment types.

This course will let you fully express your creative skills through the 3D draping of innovative garment shapes. You will also explore new ways to get a desired look; and once you've achieved this, you’ll learn how to dismantle it from the stand and develop it through several processes to produce a well-fitted, finished pattern, ready for production. 

This practical, hands-on course is designed for those wishing to expand their creative skills in pattern making, as well as fashion designers wanting to explore their creativity.

Stages of the process to be covered:

  • Learning how to realise a design idea through draping on the stand
  • Marking your drape effectively to translate onto paper 
  • Translating your drape work into a draft pattern 
  • Cutting and making a full toile, thereby testing your draft pattern
  • Fitting your toile and understanding which parts are working well
  • Amending the draft pattern and producing a professional finished pattern.

On completing this course, you will have been introduced to new techniques to realise seemingly complicated garments and have learned how to use draping as a creative tool. You’ll have a greater understanding of developing patterns without using traditional flat pattern cutting techniques and also of what does and doesn’t work - and why. You’ll also have learned the skills to develop a clean
finished pattern, ready for production.

The course will also run alongside a pre-sessional English language course, if required.

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For more information about the course, please contact postgrad@rave.ac.uk


  • 31 July - 1pm to 6.30pm
  • 7 August - 1pm to 6.30pm
  • 14 August - 1pm to 6.30pm
  • 21 August - 1pm to 6.30pm

Cost: £400

Payable to Ravensbourne University London - please contact fees@rave.ac.uk

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