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Introduction to Film Making

Introduction to Film Making is a fast paced 6 session course introducing new filmmakers to basic theory and practice of film production.

You will study:

1. How to tell a short story: Beginning, middle and end.

2. Framing the narrative: How to compose the shot

3. Meet the production kit: Camera, Lights, Action.

4. Pre-production planning: Scripts, casting and locations.

5. Produce a short film - In-camera without editing.

You will be provided with all the film making equipment needed: Camera, mics, lights.  Laptop computers will be available for each student to use during the sessions.

You will work individually and in small production groups using hands on production techniques as well as cloud based digital learning.

Learn the basics of film making before moving onto the next level - Intermediate Film Making and Post Production on what we call Green Films. These courses have been designed to complement each other providing all the skills needed for film making and post production. Learners are encouraged to enrol for all of the them at the same time.

This opportunity can be used to enhance your skills in development and preparation towards subsequent education and/or employment, if you are starting your own business or already run your own business, or alternatively as an enjoyable way to engage with new people and new ideas.


Minimum IT skills required to commence the course.

Basic computer skills.

No experience of film equipment required but YOU NEED TO BE AGED 19 + to study with us.

Course start dates

Mon 16 Apr 2018


13:00 -18:00 

Course end dates

Fri 11 May 2018

No of course weeks running

Runs Monday 16th April, Friday 20th April, Friday 27th April, Monday 30th April, Friday 4th May, Friday 11th May for 4 weeks - 

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