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Introduction to coding and app-making

YOU NEED TO BE AGED 19+ to study with us.


Coding can open doors for you.

Code is a huge part of our daily lives. It powers your phone, your bank account, your social networks... it's everywhere.

Today, all businesses are moving over to digital. It's essential to have a digital presence and for us to understand how that works.

Once you know how to code, you can get ideas off the ground and communicate seamlessly with developers (and budding child prodigy programmers).

People everywhere are cottoning on to this and learning to create on the Web. Even in primary schools.

No experience? No problem.

Is learning how to code on your list of goals this year?

It's tough sifting through the endless resources with no-one to direct all your questions.

Learning with others is fun and much easier than hacking away at online courses alone.

Get started on this 6-week course

Learn to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the universal languages of the Web. We'll be using the browser to bring your app ideas to life.

You'll have access to laptops and friendly experts with plenty of links and resources to take away.

Join a group of determined, like-minded individuals to discuss, learn and make in a friendly environment.

Is this course for me?


We know a few teachers who feel daunted and unsupported by the "new" computing curriculum.

With a solid knowledge-base and clear vision of how to build on it, you'll look forward to, and even enjoy, coding with your students.


You could be the cutting-edge parent who codes with their kids for fun!

Once you grasp the basics of coding, you'll be able to get creative with your children, building cool stuff together and supplementing the things they learn at school.


Perhaps you're looking for ways to make yourself more valuable in the workplace, or 2018 is the year you're going to move to a new position, company or industry.

Boosting your tech skills will give you a competitive edge and open up new directions in your career.

Looking for work

Investing in yourself and your skills is a great way to make some positive life changes for 2018. You may want to explore your career options or take a leap outside of your comfort zone.

In our personal experience, learning to create with code is hugely empowering and can give you a real confidence boost.

What you'll learn

Course start dates

Saturday 05 May 2018


11:00 - 16:00

Course end dates

Saturday 09 Jun 2018 at 16:00 

No of course weeks running

6 Saturdays


Email: greenwich.digitalskills@rave.ac.uk 

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