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From Paper to Prototype

Would you like to start a new business or do you already have a new business idea? But you are not sure how to test its viability, feasibility and desirability?

Starting with a prototype is always a great starting point. By testing with paper before going digital, you can test its viability, feasibility and desirability in an affordable way.

Hiring a designer or business developer is expensive, however, creating a paper prototype and testing it with your user segment is something that anyone can do.

  • Learn how to rapidly generate tons of ideas and then turn it into a working paper prototype.
  • A simple paper prototype can in be tested, iterated and turned into a business.


Once you've completed the course you will be able to:

  • Create a testable prototype of your business idea and check its efficiency within your designated segment
  • Use design patterns effectively
  • Produce qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Create user personas, journeys and stories to validate your design decisions
  • Use paper-prototyping and wire framing techniques to visualize your interface design ideas and explore alternative solutions.


  • You have to be aged 19+ to study with us
  • You will need access to a computer and a broadband connection in order to study this course.
  • Minimum IT skills required to commence the course
  • Basic computer skills.  Saving, retrieving & opening files etc
  • IT skills gained on completion of the course
  • Various - Using online software Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Periscope

Course start dates

Not applicable - Learners can work online at own pace.  

We anticipate the course to take approximately 4hrs in total to complete.

Course end dates

Not Applicable - Learner can work online at own pace

No of course weeks running

Not Applicable - Learner can work online at own pace

This course is free for learners 19+ residing in the UK - Learners MUST complete the course and supply us with their invaluable feedback.  This course is a pilot course.

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