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Professional Experience and Development Record (PEDR)

The RIBA Professional Experience and Development Record is a mandatory component of the RIBA Examination in Professional Practice and Management (Part 3), the final examination of an architectural student's training, leading to Chartered Membership of the RIBA. A person may apply to join the UK Register of Architects if they hold Parts 1, 2 and 3 as prescribed by the Architects Registration Board.

  • The PEDR is an electronic record of a student's professional experience, development and competency in the practice of architecture.
  • The purpose of the PEDR is to ensure that students passing Part 3 have gained the required professional experience in appropriate locations and of sufficient complexity to demonstrate they have the competency to discharge the duties and responsibilities of a chartered architect. It is also a tool for students to demonstrate compliance with the professional experience regulations and to reflect on what they have learnt during their professional experience.
  • The record sheets are completed at 3-monthly intervals by the student; checked and signed by their Employment Mentor, and sent to their Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) for signing.
  • To complete the record, graduates must normally be registered with a Professional Studies Advisor, who will be responsible for monitoring the graduate's progress and for signing their PEDR record sheets on a quarterly basis. The completed Professional Experience and Development Record is submitted by the graduate as part of the documentary submission requirements for the Examination in Professional Practice and Management (Part 3).

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At Ravensbourne we offer PEDR to our Architecture students as an online service.

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