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What is Clearing?

Clearing is a part of the UCAS process and a way for universities or colleges to fill any spaces they have on their courses. It’s also an opportunity for you to secure a place on an alternative course if you’ve changed your mind or if you’ve not previously applied to any university this year. Please read the UCAS Clearing page for more details.  

When does Clearing start?

Clearing starts on 5 July and continues until the end of September. You will need to wait until you receive your exam results before you can apply through Clearing. In the meantime, you can research the courses available through Clearing at Ravensbourne.

Am I eligible for Clearing at Ravensbourne?

Ravensbourne can consider you for a place to study if you meet these four conditions: 

  1. You have not accepted any offer made by any other university or college.
  2. You have received your exam results, including GCSEs & A-Levels/BTECs or equivalent, and relevant life skills.
  3. Your grades meet our entry requirements.
  4. You have a portfolio/showreel.

Which courses are in clearing?

Please see our definitive list of courses available in Clearing at Ravensbourne.

What if I can't get through on the phone?

Clearing is a really busy time for Ravensbourne and we appreciate that a busy-dialing tone can cause you stress. We are there for you, if you can not get through on the phone 020 3040 3991, email us on clearing@rave.ac.uk and remember to include the following information:

  • Name of the course or courses you’re interested in
  • List of your qualifications
  • Your UCAS ID (if you’ve already registered)
  • Your portfolio and/or showreel

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